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Teeth in 2 Hours

Replace Missing Teeth in 2 Hours at Red Hills Dental

The opportunity to have a new tooth within 2 hours sounds fantastic, especially when traditional single-tooth implants can take months to complete. Teeth in 2 Hours is a variation on the concept, of Teeth in an Hour. However, the success of your implant therapy is more important to us than one hour of chair time. In addition, the literature does not support the placement of permanent crowns on implants on the day of surgery. In specific circumstances, it is very possible to have an implant placed in your jawbone and a temporary tooth placed on top in one visit. This is especially advantageous when a front tooth needs replacement.

Teeth in 2 hours uses a proven treatment concept called “immediate loading” which reduces the waiting time to have teeth in your mouth. Even though the actual procedure may only last 2 hours, the time for preparation may take several weeks. Dr. Bergman uses advanced digital diagnostics and in-depth planning technologies to prepare for the procedure.

At Southern Utah Implants, we use only proven modern technologies and methods for the best results. We don’t waste time on gimmicks and new fads. We use facial CT scanning and digital intraoral scanning. We use digital implant planning software and 3D printers. We use top quality medical grade titanium and titanium alloys for dental implants and implant components. We use platelet rich plasma and platelet rich fibrin. We are committed to providing you with the best products and services to obtain the best results available in implant dentistry.

Why choose teeth in 2 hours?

Teeth in 2 Hours is an excellent solution for anyone who is time-poor and finds it difficult to schedule multiple dental appointments. Treatment can be less invasive compared with conventional dental implants because it is often incision-free.

Instead of making an incision into the gums, the implant is inserted directly through the gum tissue and into the bone, eliminating the need for sutures. When a tooth is removed and an implant immediately placed, there is also no need for sutures. Because incisions are eliminated, recovery time is shorter and more comfortable. Total treatment time is also reduced. There is no need to struggle with a missing tooth while the implant heals. You receive a tooth that is immediate and esthetically pleasing.

Who is a candidate for teeth in 2 hours?

Stricter conditions need to be met for Teeth in 2 Hours. You must have a healthy jawbone and gums, and you cannot have any active periodontal disease. There cannot be an active infection and there must be enough healthy bone to support the implant post. Additional treatments like tooth extractions or bone grafting may be needed at the same time as the implant surgery.

Teeth in 2 Hours is best for shorter spans of missing teeth. It is primarily a cosmetic solution for teeth within the smile line. It can also benefit individuals already using removable partial dentures or flippers.

Regardless of circumstance, the process of osseointegration still must occur. This is the term use to define the connection of the bone to the implant post. Bone cells actually grow around and into the titanium implant post. The techniques used during Teeth in 2 Hours ensure that the post cannot move while the process of healing in taking place.

What is the procedure for teeth in 2 hours?

The most important part of the procedure for Teeth in 2 Hours is the planning. The correct information has to be compiled in order to formulate a successful treatment plan. Teeth in 2 Hours is a particularly advanced procedure with specific biologic constraints that have to be respected. Meticulous diagnostics and advanced planning are required before surgery. The procedure itself is usually quite uneventful. With proper planning, it is often smooth and pleasant. You will leave the office without the embarrassment of a hole in your smile or the discomfort of a gap between your teeth.

After anesthesia has set in and Dr. Bergman is absolutely sure that you are numb in the area of interest, the location is prepared through the surgical guide and the implant is put in place. A connecting piece, called an abutment, is placed on the implant and screwed down tight. The tooth is then placed on the abutment. The implant is now under “immediate loading.”

Dental Implant Consultation

For Teeth in 2 Hours, this is the most important meeting with the doctor. Another name for the consultation is the “Implant Strategy Conference.” Dr. Bergman will review your medical history and ask you questions about your general health and oral hygiene habits. During this visit, you have the opportunity to discuss expectations and desires. Any concerns you have about the procedure should be expressed at this time. This is also when Dr. Bergman will need to know about any medications that you are taking and any history of surgeries. It is very important that you are completely open and honest with Dr. Bergman so that the best treatment can be provided. Dr. Bergman will assess your suitability for treatment and provide you with more detailed information about the procedure. He will examine your jawbones and gum tissues.

At this point, financial arrangements can be discussed with our office. Adjunctive services, like tooth removal and bone grafting will also be reviewed.

Gathering Information

When gathering information for the procedure, we use highly sophisticated diagnostic equipment. The first is termed a CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) or digital facial CT. It is a 3-D dental x-ray that can show the jawbone in different views. The CBCT is reconstructed with advanced medical-grade computer software. The images provide information about the quantity and quality of bone, as well as the location of important structures like blood vessels, nerves, and sinus cavities that must be avoided during treatment. This allows Dr. Bergman to determine precisely where the implant will have the best long term success. The second is called an intraoral scan. This scan captures and combines imaging data to compose a very accurate digital three dimensional picture of your teeth and gums. The picture can be moved and rotated and even edited to help plan your treatment. These two pieces of information from the CBCT and the intraoral scanner are then combined together to see exactly what your jawbone looks like under your teeth. The intraoral scan allows Dr. Bergman to create a surgical guide from the combined information. The CBCT allows Dr. Bergman to plan the exact angle, depth and position where the implant should go.

Fitting Your Replacement Teeth

A mold for your replacement teeth is premade before surgery and is fitted soon afterward. If you currently use prosthesis and like its appearance, we can use it as a prototype for your replacement tooth or teeth. Once fitted, the new teeth need proper care. It is important to follow instruction to prevent unwanted movement. Sometimes a mouth guard is required. The replacement is permanent and cannot be removed.

What to expect after getting teeth in 2 hours?

Because the procedure to insert one-hour implants is generally incision-free, recovery is quicker, and there are fewer side-effects such as swelling. Usually, you should feel fine to return to everyday activities or to work the next day.

We will give you specific instructions on how to care for your mouth during healing and can show you precisely how to clean around the dental implants.

Healing should be uneventful, but if you have any concerns or queries, please contact our dental office so we can assist you immediately.

Invest in a comfortable and anxiety-free dental experience with Red Hills Dental. Our Sedation Dentistry services are designed to make every visit relaxing and stress-free. Trust us to make your dental experience exceptional.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of teeth in 2 hours?

Advantages Include

  • Surgery is normally incision-free because the implants are placed directly through the gum tissue, so recovery and healing is faster
  • Swelling and discomfort is usually minimal
  • Surgery is most often completed using only local anesthetic
  • You will leave Southern Utah Implants with an esthetically pleasing restoration
  • Treatment requires less time
  • Treatment requires fewer appointments

Disadvantages Include

  • Treatment is sophisticated and can be more expensive than other implant solutions.
  • If you require additional treatments like a tooth removal or bone or sinus grafts, these may need to be completed beforehand, delaying treatment completion.

Teeth in 2 hours is a treatment with a high success rate when the implants are correctly planned and placed. The technique requires a high degree of skill and patient compliance. High success averaging 95% (aaid-joi-d-09-00060 pdf) have been achieved using this technique.